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FY2016-01 Levying Taxes for the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget[Icon] 8 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-01A Amending Ordinance No. FY2016-01, Fiscal Year 2016 Budget, By Amending Budgets To Account For Various Revenues That Are Over Budget, Providing For Additional Expenditures And Moving Funds Between Projects[Icon] 8 CLERKS000014 Borough Records
FY2016-02 Amending Title 2 Administration and Personnel by adding Chapter 2.160 Borough Lands Committee[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2016-03 Amending Title 17 Zoning, Chapter 17.50 C-Conservation and Chapter 17.130 PL-Public Use Lands for Temporay Storage of Mobile Homes[Icon] 9 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2016-04 Amending Title 17 Zoning, Chapter 17.140 Existing Nonconforming Uses and Structures for Mobile Homes Displaced[Icon] 7 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-05 Submitting to the Voters on October 6, 2015 the Question of Altering the Boundary of SA1[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-06 Amending KIBC 17 Zoning to Revise and Update the Standards for Mobile Home Parks[Icon] 10 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-07 Amending Chapters 17.25 KIBC ‎(definitions)‎, 17.165 KIBC ‎(recreational vehicle parks)‎, and related chapters of title 17, zoning to revise and update standards for RV parks[Icon] 12 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-08 Rezoning Lot 3S, Block 2, Tract F, Old Harbor Subdivision From R1-Single-Family Residential District To R2-Two-Family Residential District ‎(P&Z Case No. 16-002)‎[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-09 Amending KIBC Title 3 Revenue and Finance Chapter 3.40 Personal Property Tax 3.40.060 Penalties and Interest[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-10 Amending the 2008 Comprehensive Plan by changing land use designation of Lot 1 sawmill subdivision from open space to industrial/light industrial[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-11 Amending title 2 administration and finance, chapter 2.30 rules of the assembly, section 2.30.030 types of meetings changing meeting times and order of business[Icon] 3 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-12 Amending Title 15 Buildings and Construction Chapter 15.10 Building Codes 1997[Icon] 5 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-13 Amending the KIBC Title 2 Administration and Personnel, Chapter 2.155 Kodiak Workforce Regional Advisory Council, Section 2.155.060 Quorum and Voting Requirements[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-14 Repealing Ordinance No. 98-06 Reserving Certain Borough Lands as a Vegetative Screen, and Reserving an Amended Greenbelt Buffer Along the Common Boundary of the Monashka Bay Road Service Area and the KIB Baler/Landfill[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-15 Amending the 2008 Comprehensive Plan by Changing the Future Land Use Designation of a +/- 28.9 Acre Portion of Tract B, U.S. Srvey 4793 From Conservation to Industrial/Light Industrial ‎(P&Z case No, 16-004)‎[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-16 Rezoning a +/- 28.9 Acre Portion of Tract B, U.S. Survey 4793 From R1-Single Family Residential District to I-Industrial District ‎(P&Z Case No. 16-009)‎[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-17 Amending the KIBC Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations by Creating a New Chapter 5.02 Marijuana Businesses[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-17A Amending Kodiak Island Borough Ordinance No. FY2016-17 To Extend The Sunset Date Relating To The Current Regulation Of Marijuana Businesses From February 28, 2017 To April 30, 2017[Icon] 2 CLERKS000014 Borough Records
FY2016-18 Establishing a limited moratorium on the Receipt or Processing[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-19 Rezoning Lot 1, Sawmill Subdivision From C-Conservation District to I-Industrial District ‎(P&Z Case No. 16-011)‎[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2016-20 Amending Title 12 Naming Buildings, Public Facilities, Streets and Sidewalks Chapter 12.10[Icon] 7 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-21 Amending KIB Personnel Code Chapter 4 Hiring And Advancement Section 402 Job Vacancies And Section 405 Job Posting To Allow An Alternative For The Borough To Recruit New Applicants[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2016-22 Amending KIBC Chapter 2 Administration and Personnel to Decrease the Mayor and Assembly members Compensation.[Icon] 2 BOROUGH000001 Borough Records
FY2016-23 Amending the 2008 Comprehensive Land Use Plan to Change the Future Land Use Designation of an +/- 18.24 Acre Portion of Lot 2, US Survey 1673 Form Comercial/Business to Industrial/Light/Industrial[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
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