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FY2008-28 Accepting The Assignment Of The City Of Kodiak’s Interest In Lot 2 U.S. Survey 2538[Icon] 26 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-28A Accepting The Assignment Of The City Of Kodiak’s Interest In Lot 2 U.S. Survey 2538- 1st Extention[Icon] 1 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2008-29 Hazmat Pad at Kodiak Fisheries Research Center[Icon] 5 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-30 Kodiak Community Health Center Addition and Renovations[Icon] 24 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-31 Kodiak Middle School Seismic Upgrade Phase II[Icon] 58 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-32 Peterson Elementary Seismic Upgrade[Icon] 24 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-33 Kodiak High School Library Seismic Upgrade[Icon] 9 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-34 North Star Student Safety Access Project - State Project No. 58159[Icon] 8 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-35 Agreement Between Kodiak Island Borough and Kodiak Island Convention & Visitors Bureau for Destination Marketing and Tourism Development Services for FY2009[Icon] 9 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-36 Agreement Between the Kodiak Island Borough and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce For Economic Planning and Project Development within the Kodiak Island Borough For FY2009.[Icon] 12 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-37 Megamation Directline Maintenance Software Service Agreement[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-39 Cooperative Agreement with Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Anton Larsen Bay Boat Ramp[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-40 Agreement Between the City of Kodiak and Kodiak Island Borough for Animal Control Services[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-41 Architectural and Engineering Services for the Kodiak Community Health Center Addition and Renovations at the Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center[Icon] 36 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-42 Construction Services for Ouzinkie School Seismic Upgrades and Gymnasium Renovation with Wolverine Supply, Inc. of Wasilla, Alaska[Icon] 50 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-43 Perkins Coie, Legal Representation - Client Matter No. 31790-0003[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-44 Karluk Tribal Council Project "Karluk BK 6LT 2[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2008-45 Letter of Agreement with Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh - Brad Gilman[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Clerks
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