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Subd Case No. Plat No. Bld'g Permit No. <br />Driveway <br />Permit? <br />Septic Plan <br />Approval: <br />Fire <br />Marshall: <br />Applicant Certification: I hereby certify that I will comply with the provisions of the Kodiak Island Borough Code and that 1 <br />have the authority to certify this as the property owner, or as a representative of the property owner. 1 agree to have identifiable <br />corner markers in place for verification of building setback (yard) requirements. <br />Attachments? Site Plan List Other: <br />Date: Jul 10, 2012 Signature: <br />This permit is only for the proposed project as described by the applicant. It there are any changes to the <br />proposed project, including its intended use, prior to or during its siting, construction, or operation, contact <br />this office immediately to determine if further review and approval of the revised project is necessary. <br />** EXPIRATION: Azoning compliance permit will become null and void if the building or use authorized by such permit is not <br />commenced within 180 days from the date of issuance, or if the building construction or use is abandoned at any time, after the <br />work is commenced, for a period of 180 days. Before such work can be recommenced, a new permit must first be obtained. (Sec. <br />106.4.4 Expiration. 1997 UBC) per KIBC 17.15.060 A. ** <br />CDD Staff Certification <br />Date: Jul 10, 2012 CDD Staff: Martin Lydick <br />Payment Verification Zoning Comp l' it Fee Payable in Cashier's Office Room # 104 -Main floor of Borough Building <br />PAID <br />JUL 10 2011 After - the -Fact 2X the published amount <br />Not ApplicaNtiami'sllanadorocat $o.00 r $0.00 <br />Less than 1.7- qft "PPnPnSlrhl'IP $30.00 r $60.00 <br />1.76 to 5.00 acres: r $60.00 $120.00 <br />5.01 to 40.00 acres: r $90.00 r $180.00 <br />40.01 acres or more: r $120.00 r $240.00 <br />