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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2004 -02 <br />Introduced by: Manager Carlson <br />Requested by: Manager Carlson <br />Drafted by: Finance Director <br />Introduced: 03/04/2004 <br />Public Hearing: 03/18/2004 <br />Postponed: 03/18/2004 <br />Postponed: 03/25/2004 <br />Adopted: 04/15/2004 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH ASSEMBLY AMENDING KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH CODE OF ORDINANCES TITLE 3 REVENUE AND FINANCE <br />CHAPTER 3.01 FISCAL POLICY SECTION 3.01.030 DEBT POLICIES <br />CHAPTER 3.12 APPROPRIATION AND LEVY <br />SECTION 3.12.010 ORDINANCE ENACTMENT — APPROPRIATION FORM <br />CHAPTER 3.16 CONTRACT, PURCHASE, SALE, AND TRANSFER PROCEDURES <br />SECTION 3.16.020 LIMITATION ON MANAGER'S AUTHORITY <br />SECTION 3.16.030 OPEN MARKET PROCEDURES <br />SECTION 3.16.040 ADVERTISING FOR BIDS <br />SECTION 3.16.070 EXCEPTIONS TO BIDDING REQUIREMENTS <br />WHEREAS, national standards for debt service established limits of ten percent for net debt service <br />as a percentage of the market value of taxable property and 20 percent as the maximum ratio of debt <br />service expenditures to governmental fund expenditures. <br />WHEREAS, Section 3.12.010 does not follow Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP); and <br />WHEREAS, Section 3.12.010 deals with such items as budgeting the school district superintendent's <br />salary and other school district salaries and line items; and <br />WHEREAS, deleting Section 3.12.010(A -C) would not diminish the Borough's ability to budget and <br />track both revenues and expenditures; and <br />WHEREAS, due to inflation, the manager's authority to purchase goods and services is continually <br />being eroded; and <br />WHEREAS, it is not cost effective to solicit bids for items that cost less than $500; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ASSEMBLY OF THE KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH THAT: <br />Section 1: This ordinance is of a general and permanent nature and shall become a part of the Kodiak <br />Island Borough Code of Ordinances. <br />Section 2: Title 3, Chapter 3.01, Section 3.01.030 is hereby amended as follows: <br />Title 3 REVENUE AND FINANCE <br />Chapter 3.01 <br />FISCAL POLICY <br />Sections: <br />3.01.010 Purpose. <br />3.01.020 Operating budget policies. <br />3.01.030 Debt policies. <br />3.01.040 Revenue policies. <br />3.01.050 Investment policies. <br />3.01.060 Accounting, auditing, and financial reporting policies. <br />3.01.070 Capital budget policies. <br />3.01.080 Reserve policies. <br />Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska Ordinance No. 2004 -02 <br />Page 1 of 5 <br />