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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2003 -04 <br />Introduced by: Manager Carlson <br />Requested by: Planning and Zoning <br />Commission <br />Drafted by: Community Development <br />Department <br />Introduced: 05/01/2003 <br />Public Hearing: 05/15/2003 <br />Adopted: 05/15/2003 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH ASSEMBLY REZONING LOTS 17 AND <br />A PORTION OF LOT 17A (PROPOSED LOT 17A -1), BLOCK 3, LEITE ADDITION, FROM R1- <br />SINGLE- FAMILY RESIDENTIAL TO PL- PUBLIC USE LAND. (P &Z CASE 03 -007). <br />WHEREAS, the City of Kodiak has re- platted Lot 17 and a portion of Lot 17A, Block 3, Leite <br />Addition, as part of a land trade with the adjoining private land owner; and, <br />WHEREAS, a condition of approval from Subdivision Case S03 -001 required the initiation of <br />this rezone to eliminate a split lot zoning situation where portions of proposed Lot 17A -1 <br />would be located in two separate zoning districts, R1- Single- family Residential and PL- Public <br />Use Land; and, <br />WHEREAS, the Commission has determined that it would be best to have all of the City <br />owned land in the PL- Public Use Land zoning district; and, <br />WHEREAS, the P & Z Commission held a public hearing on April 16, 2003 for this case; and, <br />WHEREAS, upon consideration of the request, the Commission recommends that the Kodiak <br />Island Borough Assembly rezone the portions of Lot 17 and 17A, Block 3, Leite Addition from <br />R1- Single- family Residential to PL- Public Use Land, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ASSEMBLY OF THE KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH THAT: <br />Section 1: This ordinance is not of general application and shall not be codified. <br />Section 2: Lots 17 and 17A, Block 3, Leite Addition, are hereby rezoned from R1- Single- <br />family Residential to PL- Public Use Land. <br />Section 3: The findings of the Kodiak Island Borough Planning and Zoning Commission are <br />hereby confirmed as follows: <br />17.72.020 A. Findings as to the Need and Justification for a Change or Amendment. <br />The rezone is needed as a minor housekeeping measure to make the zoning conform to the new <br />lot boundaries created by the consolidation plat filed for Case S03 -001. The rezone will not have <br />a substantial impact on the use of the property by the City of Kodiak. <br />Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska Ordinance No. 2003 -04 <br />1 of 2 <br />