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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2001 -02 <br />Introduced by: Assembly <br />Requested by: Borough Clerk <br />Drafted by: Borough Clerk <br />Introduced: 02/15/2001 <br />Public Hearing: 03/01/2001 <br />Adopted: 03/01/2001 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE ASSEMBLY OF THE KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />AMENDING KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH CODE OF ORDINANCES TITLE 16 <br />SUBDIVISION CHAPTER 16.50 FINAL PLAT SECTION 16.50.010 FINAL PLAT <br />PROCEDURE AND SECTION 16.50.050 DEDICATIONS AND CERTIFICATES TO <br />PROVIDE FOR THE CHANGE TO A MANAGER PLAN OF GOVERNMENT <br />WHEREAS, the Borough reverted to a manager plan of government on October 19, <br />1998; and <br />WHEREAS, the governing body shall enact provisions for the reorganization of the <br />municipal executive and administrative functions; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ASSEMBLY OF THE KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH THAT: <br />Section 1: This ordinance is of a general and permanent nature and shall become a <br />part of the Kodiak Island Borough Code of Ordinances. <br />Section 2: Chapter 16.50 Final Plat of the Kodiak Island Borough Code of <br />Ordinances is amended as follows: <br />16.50.010 Final plat procedure. <br />4. upon approval of a final plat and signing by the mayor. manager and the clerk as provided in <br />section 16.50.050 of this chapter, the original shall be filed with the district recorder within two <br />(2) working days by the clerk. <br />16.50.050 Dedications and certificates. <br />D. The plat to be filed shall contain the following statement of plat approval: <br />Kodiak Island Borough Planning and Zoning Commission: <br />Received Approved <br />Chair Date <br />Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska <br />This is to certify that the within plat is duly approved in accordance with <br />the Kodiak Island Borough Code this day of , 19 . <br />Mayor Manager <br />Clerk Date <br />Community Development Department Director <br />Date <br />Ordinance No. 2001 -02 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />