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Init. <br />4.2 The Contract Sum is based upon the following alternates, if any, which are described in the Contract <br />Documents and are hereby accepted by the Owner: <br />(State the numbers or other identification of accepted alternates. If decisions on other alternates are to be made by <br />the Owner subsequent to the execution of this Agreement, attach a schedule of such other alternates showing the <br />amount for each and the date when that amount expires) <br />Alternate No. 2 Multi- Purpose /Conference /Training Room 243,054.00 <br />Alternate No. 3 Site Work 1,273,741.00 <br />Alternate No. 4 Exam Room Cubicle Curtains 6,643.00 <br />Base Bid 3,390,622.00 <br />TOTAL 4,914,060.00 <br />4.3 Unit prices, if any, are as follows: <br />Description Units Price 0.00) <br />Unit Price No. 1 Over excavation Cubic yard $8.00 <br />Unit Price No. 2.- Compacted fill Cubic yard $18.00 <br />Unit Price No. 3 Lean Concrete fill Cubic yard $200.00 <br />ARTICLE 5 PAYMENTS <br />5.1 PROGRESS PAYMENTS <br />5.1.1 Based upon Applications for Payment submitted to the Architect by the Contractor and Certificates for <br />Payment issued by the Architect, the Owner shall make progress payments on account of the Contract Sum to the <br />Contractor as provided below and elsewhere in the Contract Documents. <br />5.1.2 The period covered by each Application for Payment shall be one calendar month ending on the last day of <br />the month, or as follows: <br />5.1.3 Provided that an Application for Payment is received by the Architect not later than the First day of a month, <br />the Owner shall make payment to the Contractor not later than the 30 day of the same month. If an Application for <br />Payment is received by the Architect after the application date fixed above, payment shall be made by the Owner not <br />later than Thirty (3 days after the Architect receives the Application for Payment. <br />5.1.4 Each Application for Payment shall be based on the most recent schedule of values submitted by the <br />Contractor in accordance with the Contract Documents. The schedule of values shall allocate the entire Contract <br />Sum among the various portions of the Work. The schedule of values shall be prepared in such form and supported <br />by such data to substantiate its accuracy as the Architect may require. This schedule, unless objected to by the <br />Architect, shall be used as a basis for reviewing the Contractor's Applications for Payment. <br />5.1.5 Applications for Payment shall indicate the percentage of completion of each portion of the Work as of the <br />end of the period covered by the Application for Payment. <br />5.1.6 Subject to other provisions of the Contract Documents, the amount of each progress payment shall be <br />computed as follows: <br />.1 Take that portion of the Contract Sum properly allocable to completed Work as determined by <br />multiplying the percentage completion of each portion of the Work by the share of the Contract Sum <br />allocated to that portion of the Work in the schedule of values, less retainage of Ten Percent <br />(10 Pending final determination of cost to the Owner of changes in the Work, amounts not in <br />dispute shall be included as provided in Section 7.3.8 of AIA Document A201 -1997; <br />.2 Add that portion of the Contract Sum properly allocable to materials and equipment delivered and <br />suitably stored at the site for subsequent incorporation in the completed construction (or, if approved <br />AIA Document A101 TM 1997. Copyright 1915, 1918, 1925, 1937, 1951, 1958, 1961, 1963, 1967, 1974, 1977, 1987, 1991 and 1997 by The American <br />Institute of Architects. All rights reserved. WARNING: This AIA Document is protected by U.S. Copyright Law and International Treaties. Unauthorized <br />reproduction or distribution of this AIA Document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the <br />maximum extent possible under the law. This document was produced by AIA software at 14:24:54 on 04/08/2008 under Order No.1000330318_1 which <br />expires on 11/20/2008, and is not for resale. <br />User Notes: (3323972245) <br />