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<br />ITEM NO. 13.A.1 <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />AGENDA STATEMENT <br /> <br />Meeting of: June 16, 2005 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005-15 <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough Administrative Building and School Facilities Snow Removal, <br />Sanding, and Parking Lot Maintenance and Repairs <br /> <br />The Kodiak Island Borough, Engineering and Facilities Department, advertised the need <br />for labor and equipment to provide parking lot snow removal, sanding, and maintenance <br />at KIB schools and administrative building parking lots. <br /> <br />Bids were received from T.C. Enterprises and B&R Fish By Products. Both bid price <br />schedules were reviewed and compared. <br /> <br />Each bid was submitted with price quotes for individual pieces of equipment. Staff <br />compared both bids based on the dollar amounts bid for important pieces of equipment; <br />those that are most commonly used in clearing snow and sanding parking lots. Other <br />items used in comparing bid prices included labor rates and profiVoverhead rates. <br /> <br />The Borough Engineering and Facilities Department recommends awarding the KIB <br />Facilities Road Maintenance and Repairs, Snow Removal, Sanding and Small Projects <br />Contract to T.C. Enterprises. <br /> <br />FISCAL NOTES <br /> <br />ACCOUNT NO. 220232450380 & 220 234 450 430 <br /> <br />[OJ N/A <br /> <br />Expenditure <br /> <br />Amount <br /> <br />Required $ <br /> <br />Budgeted <br /> <br />I APPROVAL FOR AGENDA: <br /> <br />Manager /!tk J ~ <br /> <br />RECOMMENDED ACTION: Move to award Contract No. 2005-15 to T.C. Enterprises of <br />Kodiak, Alaska for time and materials based on the Bid Schedule <br /> <br />\\dove\Departments\EF\Service Districts\KIB FacilitieslAgenda Statement 5 31 05.doc <br />