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<br />Having one piece of equipment to do double duty will not only reduce its useful life but it will also change <br />the way that waste is brought to the landfill. Currently, the large municipal waste trucks are allowed into <br />the facility prior to the landfill staff arriving and the gates being opened for other customers at 10 a.m. <br />With a loose fill operation municipal waste would only be allowed to come through the gates during <br />working hours. <br /> <br />There are also costs to consider for litter pickup in a loose fill operation. Bales are condensed parcels of <br />waste, bound by wire and daily cover is required only on the tops of the bales. It is permissible for up to <br />200 feet of the bales vertical face to be exposed. However, in a loose fill operation the active face/area will <br />be more open and exposed to the wind, especially during truck tipping and compaction activities, than the <br />working face of the bales. <br /> <br />Overall, it is proposed that if the KIB landfill changes from a baler to loose fill operations that a compactor <br />(estimated cost $300,000 without blade, hydraulics or linkage) and a dozer will be required to conduct <br />business. <br /> <br />Page 2 of2 <br />